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Our History

Establishment of a congregation of the Church of Christ in the area was in the planning stages for a number of years before the Rockliff Church of Christ became a reality in 1918. During this period a small group met for a short time in the old Mt. Zion School building. Two tent meetings were also held, one in the site where the church now stands and the other near the Mt. Zion School.

On December 26, 1916, R. M. Horton purchased one acre of land, the site on which the church was later built. Upon purchasing the land, Horton and his family began going to the nearby mountain and handworking rock for the foundation of the church. The rocks were dragged down the mountain on a sled pulled by a team of mules. At the foot of the mountain, the rocks were loaded on a wagon for the remainder of the trip. This work continued into the early part of 1917.

In September of 1917, a brush arbor was built on the site and a gospel meeting was held with Bro. Rockliff doing the preaching. The original church building was completed in early January 1925, and services were begun in the building in the same month.

In 1975, the congregation constructed a modern, brick building.

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